Audio Configuration

The DVR software can record 1 channel of audio. Instuctions are as follows:

1) Go to Start > Control Panel > and double-click the "Sounds and Audio Devices" icon. It looks like this:


If you don't see the icon, look to the uppler left of the column on the left, and choose "Switch to Classic View." Then the icon should be visible. Double-click it. This will launch "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties." Click the "Volume" tab. Then click the "Advanced" button.


2) Click menu item "Options," and select "Properties"


The Properties windows will display. Select "Recording" and choose "Microphone", then click "OK":


. . . Which will return to the Recording Control Panel, where you can adjust the input volume of the microphone. Look for a checkmark in the "Select" box in the Microphone column. Directly above it is the slider that allows you to Microphone input volume. Once you've made the adjustment, you can click the "X" in the upper right of the window to close it.


3) Launch the DVR software if you haven't already done so. On the main screen, Click to enter the Config windows and select the Audio tab.  Enable Record Audio and select the camera you'd like the audio to be recorded with.

4) Click Apply, then OK.




Connecting A Microphone

Follow these steps to connect a microphone to your DVR:

Step 1: Obtain a CCTV Power/Video Cable long enough to connect your microphone to the pink audio input jack on the back of your DVR Server.

Step 2: Convert the cable into a Power/Audio Cable by doing the following: Find the end of the Power/Video Cable that has the . This is the end that the microphone will physically connect to. Connect the BNC end of the RCA/BNC Converter to the BNC connector on this end. Then, plug the other side of the RCA/BNC Converter into the white "audio" jack coming out of the microphone. Next, connect the "power" jack from the microphone into the "male" power connector on the Power/Video Cable.



Step 3: On the opposite end of the Power/Video Cable, connect a power supply (any in the range of 9V to 12V are acceptable) to the "male" power connector (thick, black plastic with a metal pin inside). Connect the BNC end of the 1/8 Audio/BNC Converter to the BNC connector on this end. Then, plug the other side of the 1/8 Audio/BNC Converter into the pink "audio" jack on the back of your DVR Server.



Now your microphone is properly connected.