Host Computer Monitoring Malfunction Diagnoses

Q: Why canít run Windows OS, when plug the DVR card(s) and power on the PC?

     Why does the DVR software crash when running?

A:The reasons are: 1. the card is damaged; 2. the card(s) isnít compatible with the mother board. If after replacing another good DVR card and the phenomenon still exists, then we can be sure the motherboard isnít compatible with the DVR card(s). So please replace a better motherboard.

Q: The DVR software can run and display the picture, but the actions display slowly, and the mouse moves slowly. Is because the CPU too low?

A: The phenomenon is indeed caused by the low CPU, the solution is as follows:

    1. Configuration-> video-> video settings->resolution, change 640X480 to 352X288, or turn down the Frames of cameras which is less important.

    2. Configure the better CPU as the recommended configuration.

Q: How to set time for motion detection record?

A: First set motion-detection, then set scheduled record.

Q: At first, we installed a Ether9808, then we add a Ether9404 to form 12 channel, why we can only view the previous 8 channel after we run DVR?

A: Check video settings, then check the box before view for 9-12 cameras. 

Q: Why sometimes we can view playback by dragging mouse, and sometimes canít, and have to view from the beginning to the end?

A:if you canít drag, that is because the files are under producing (recording). If stopping recording, you can view by dragging.